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connection meditation May 18, 2019

Being still, being present, feeling calm, developing intuition, heightened awareness and a delightful sensitivity to life itself, is to discover meditation.

Mediation is a process of self-discovery. When awareness goes within, an entire universe of inner realms, personal truth and essence become known and eventually familiar. These inner platforms cannot be learned about in a book or a Google-search. An intellectual understanding alone will not bring about the real discovery. They can only be explored through the inner gateways of Self, and a personal journey through mind, thought, heart, emotion and spirit.

A great place to start is with an intention to explore consciousness. An intention to be still and a desire to learn and to know more than you already know, and in this instance, without the books!

What is meditation?

Meditation is a practice of surrendering the outwardly focused personality mind for a period of time. This does not necessarily mean to stop thinking. That, for many, could almost be impossible, although it can and does happen. Meditation is a practice of becoming still, observing the conscious mind, and watching its ongoing thoughts and thought patterns. From this place you can recognize yourself as a BEING, completely free from, and independent to, this radical, often disorderly and illusionary thinking mind.

With this recognition you become the observer of your thoughts and your consciousness expands, self-awareness is heightened. Thoughts may continue to float in, float out, follow a thread, scatter-about, go into the future, into the past, whilst all the while YOU remain present, calm, centered and still.

Why meditate?

Well the answer to that question can be a whole book in itself, but in summary to experience a happier, less conditional, more present and conscious life. We are not meant to live our lives on automatic pilot, and yet so many of us do. Unconsciously victimised by cultural conditioning, and the status quo. Trapped by past trauma and ongoing reactivity to external drama. This is what happens when we stay continuously engaged in the active ego mind without taking rest, and without expanding our awareness to a place that self-healing can naturally occur.

Insight, intuition, spontaneous guidance, knowing, access to supreme intelligence, pure feelings of joy, and an experience of our interconnectedness to all life is what happens when we embrace stillness. Meditation is a practice that helps us to embrace stillness.

Including meditation into your daily practice can help to bring about a deeper life built on personal values, integrity, truth, clarity, and inner calm. This also brings about more energy, vibrancy, better health, heightened-consciousness with the ability to know intuitively how to heal and what is required.

Finally, a quiet or still mind is not a state of mind to be achieved. It is the state we experience when there is nothing to achieve. It is the mind in its natural condition, untarnished by fears and desires, and the thoughts they create. When everything is good in our world, we feel good inside; we are at ease.

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Discover Meditation

By practicing meditation daily, your positive impact will be more than you can even imagine.