Fasting for Transformation

Sometimes when I am about to start a water fast, I think I might go crazy without any food. I'm thinking of all the things I need and can't have, and I get into this struggle zone.

Other times I feel a beautiful sense of peace and calm as I trust the process. I feel completely whole and lack nothing, not any food, or even my morning cacao and coconut butter hot chocolate drink. I feel strong and ready to go in deep. 

So what is the difference?

Like anything that can be challenging in life or involve change, something new and unknown, Mind Space is significant.

So what helps to get into the right Mind Space before a fast or anything new or challenging? Knowledge and preparation. Knowing the what, why, and how on fasting properly, safely, and in a way that works best to ensure your best results. Which by the way, include:

Mental Clarity | Heightened Intuition | Improved Performance | Deep Healing | Next Level Detoxification | Exuberant Fresh Energy | Body, Mind, and Spirit Working in Unison

Fasting properly can work so deeply as a shedding away of old unwanted fat cells, habit patterns, and mental fog that it really is like paving the way for the new—a new beginning.

A fast is like a total reset of the system; it is cleansing, rejuvenating, and healing - done properly, a fast can be a total transformation of the person you think yourself to be.

Fasting integrates benefits to the body and the soul. In fasting, you both purify the body and clarify the soul. 

I have just finished writing the Fasting for Transformation e-Book. It is now available.

Fasting for Transformation eBook

10 Steps to a Successful and Sustainable Fasting Lifestyle

The Fasting for Transformation eBook is a comprehensive guide and tool to help you start fasting now for better health and longevity. It covers juice, intermittent and extended water fasting experience, and most importantly, helps you to make your fasting journey most successful and enjoyable.

Get your copy today! 

Fasting for Transformation eBook

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