The Spirit of Play

A return to innocence...

A smile on your face, a sparkle in your eye, and a bounce in your step are just some of the possible symptoms you might experience when engaging what comes most naturally to children and animals while still in their age of innocence, play.

What is so natural to a child has become so lost for an adult. As children, we crave to be grown up, and as adults, whether we know it or not, we yearn to remember our innocence. The purity of play is what makes us complete, whole exuberant, and free. It lifts us into the world of spirit, the lightness of being, the gift of life itself.

If God were here on this planet, He would play with all of His children. Angels fly because they take themselves lightly they know how to play. The wisest of all beings knew that the miseries of this world are but a fleeting illusion, designed to trick us, burden us into the darkness of the shadows in stealth. The fleeting illusion of this temporary darkness can vanish with just one glimmer of light, the light of the sun, the light of the moon, and the light in play.

Each morning, as the sun rises into your vision, it can be your call to see this new day as your play. All activity can be an act of play. All you need do is bring into your actions your inner truth, innocence, angel, and the spiritual self who knows how to play.

Play is an expression of our inner joy, the mediator between the inner life and the outer life. When we let go and play, we live in the moment, face our fears, and feel the liberated self residing within. We are tapping into the zone of unrestrained freedom.

What more of a noble desire could exist than to laugh freely, love with liberation, and share with spontaneity - more symptoms of the engagement in play.

Play is movement; play is engagement; play is rolling around with complete inhibition on the beautiful lands of our mother. It is smiling at each other, sharing with warmth and joy all that we know and care for.

Play is available to all - the rich, the poor, the young, and the old. It has no prerequisite, and it has no conditions. It is a gift from our Father in a loving attempt to remind us of our true nature, the child within. Love and innocence are always present within our hearts, as is the soul, the essence of life, longing to express through the spirit of play.

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