About Jenni Madison


A passionate explorer of inner transformation through self awareness and meditation, and fasting for self-healing and rejuvenation, Jenni is a wellness advocate with deep spiritual knowledge and experience in living in attunement with one's own body and Mother Earth. 

Jenni is the founder of Lion Heart Workshops, and the Lion Heart Podcastan online community platform dedicated to providing information and diverse learning opportunities to enhance people’s health, natural and spiritual wellbeing. She created this space out of the desire to guide people toward self-transformation, through trusting their own natural intelligence and intuition to discover what is best for them.

A long-time entrepreneur, Jenni has launched a number of successful ventures, the most recent being Coconut Magic. She has a wealth of knowledge about water fasting, meditation, the raw food lifestyle and living in harmony with nature, which she shares on her personal website. Jenni is also the published author of The Healthy Coconut: Your Complete Guide to the Ultimate Superfood (2016).


I’m so humbled and grateful that you’re here.

Maybe you’re interested in becoming more in tune with yourself or fostering a stronger connection with nature. Perhaps you’re simply seeking ways to be a part of a bigger movement towards kind and positive change.

Whatever brought you to this space—welcome!

It seems like the more we try to stay connected to this fast-paced world, the more disconnected we become from our true selves. We’ve forgotten what perfect health, balance and intuition feels like, pushed aside mindfulness, and stopped listening to our bodies.

Once upon a time, I was doing exactly that—living hard and fast with no regard to the damage I was causing myself until something suddenly clicked. My body/mind was yearning to cleanse and heal after years of neglect. I listened, adopted a holistically healthy lifestyle, and haven’t looked back since.

After several successful entrepreneurial ventures (the most recent being Coconut Magic), I decided to turn my focus onto people. In addition to creating my personal message, I also founded Lion Heart Workshops and the Lion Heart Podcast — an online community platform dedicated to guide self-transformation through diverse learning opportunities that enhance awareness, health and wellbeing. I wanted to create a place where people like you and I can slow down, do a deep inhale/exhale, and focus on tapping back into nature and nurturing our minds, bodies, and souls.

Clean living and being in harmony with Nature have been the foundation for my own growth and attunement. I eat raw, grow my own food, practice yoga, and daily meditation. I am a certified interspecies communicator, believe in listening to nature’s quietly powerful messages, and often sit with my cats or beside a tree to follow their mastery in the art of presence. All of this brings me great energy, clarity, and joy because I know I am taking care of myself in a way that feels most fulfilling to me.

My experience is that if we can learn to trust and tune into our inner world, we have the potential to become the naturally super-human beings, that we are meant to be. Collectively, we have the power to create and live in a world that is nourished and loved, filled with joyful people who care and are aware.

My hope is that this space plants the seeds of growth and inspiration for you.