Tune in to your own innate intelligence. Enjoy clarity, stillness, a sense of your true nature, and connection with all life. 
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Jenni Madison

Welcome to my abode. Here you will find the beauty of living with nature.

From water fasting and meditation to inter-species communication and deep nature connection, there is lots to explore in the natural world.

So take a deep breath, relax and enjoy!







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10 Plants To Detox Your Home

Plants add warmth, colour, presence and vibrancy to any space. Their stillness can help you to feel more heart-centred which can also positively affect your creative and mental performance...

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Meditation and Your Brain

The brain is a rather complex organ that performs critical tasks to support our survival, mental health, emotional stability, cognitive function, memory, and central nervous system communications....

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Water Fasting – How to Get Started

So you’ve been thinking about doing a water fast but not sure how or when to get started? For whatever reason you may have...

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Featured Video Episode

An interview with water fasting expert Tyler Tolman on the Ancient Wisdom of Water Fasting, its benefits, and the science behind it.

Learn how powerful water fasting is in healing chronic ailments, and maintaining optimal health. Even a short fast can have amazing results...

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21 Delicious Raw Food Recipes for Healthy Detox

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Fasting For Transformation

Available 15 Feb 2020

Discover the transformational powers of detox, water fasting and intermittent fasting, with video content and a step by step 6 day reset program so you can get started now!

Reset your system to feel clear, attuned and empowered.

Teacher: Jenni Madison

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