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Welcome, I'm Jenni

If you are looking for personal clarity, insight and vision into the nature of your own soul, or would like support for your spiritual awakening and practices, I'm here to help you navigate the changes and challenges that come with deep inner transformation.

I work with the self as a whole. The body in the mode of health detox and fasting, mind in meditation, and the soul in deep Nature and Divine connection.

There is lots to explore within the inner interiors of the natural and spiritual worlds. It takes courage to grow and to embody your Lion Heart, and to walk the path of Self Realisation.

Fasting For Transformation

Online Video Course Available Now

Discover the transformational powers of detox, water fasting and intermittent fasting, with video content and a step by step reset program so you can get started now!

Reset your system to feel clear, attuned and empowered.

Teacher: Jenni Madison

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Discover Your Calm

Online Video Course Available Soon

Learn how to meditate and discover the power of your own mind. Naturally release unconscious and conditioned habit patterns, experience calm, clear intuition and a healthy sense of forward traction on the right path, the path of your personal Dharma. This is a 3 part video course that will teach you how to control your mind through deep meditation. Suitable for beginners and those wanting to learn how to meditate and really enjoy the benefits.

Teacher: Jenni Madison

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Lion Heart Workshops

Online courses for your health, natural and spiritual wellbeing.

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Transformation means leaving what is old behind for good! When the changes are made within your inner landscape, then you are transformed.  

Whether this is your first time practicing meditation, and/or water fasting for transformation, or you want to reignite your self awareness,  inner strength and intuition, this one on one private session offers guidance, insight and support in a  practical way.

The emergence of your true nature, is what brings real insight, happiness, fulfilment and real purpose, not just the transitory or situational kind, but the real lasting and unconditional kind.

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